was developed by Agar. You can control a single cell online. Then you can multiply the cell and consume smaller ones. To become an unstoppable force in nature, you must eat enemy cells.

How to play Agma


The game is easy to play however, you’ll need to make use of your intuition and think strategically. To eat smaller cells, you can move your cell on the map of multiplayer. If you’re strong enough you can take on other players.


To make your single-cell organism stand out in the early stages of evolution, you could make use of a variety of skins. To give yourself an edge over your competition, you can also make use of cosmetic enhancements.

This is just one of the games.

There are many other games in our collection of grow that are similar to Agma. Many of the classic games on io use similar mechanics to this. Both Worms.Zone and Little Big Snake have a theme of worms. lets you create a blackhole that consumes all matter.


  • It’s simple and fun

  • Upgrades to Improve Your Survival Chances

  • Make your skin stand out by using cosmetic skins

  • You can play a variety of game modes


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Release Date

The game first came out in September 2017. Since June 2018, Fortnite features the Battle Royale mode. Check out our Fortnite list if you are a fan of the game.


  • Space bar to divide

  • W to shoot mass

  • E to instantly join (if the item is yours)

Video Walkthrough

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