offers a free IOGame. Welcome to the fast-paced and exciting world that is Among Arena. This is a game where you’re aware of who are the bad guys are and what you have do to defeat them is grow strong, powerful quick, and devour them. Only the largest can prevail in this world. You’ll have to be able to beat other players from around the world by growing larger and destroying their opponents. To increase your size, you’ll have to sprint around the board, and stay away from being eaten by the moving worms everywhere on the arena floor. They’re mostly protein So don’t fret. is an online multiplayer game featuring colorful characters! Collect wires to increase your size, be careful not to bump into larger players , and then search for smaller players!

Controls Move the mouse to steer Space or press the mouse button to increase


Players begin as tiny characters, and they get bigger by collecting wires. Avoid larger players and try to eliminate smaller players. Boosting can be used to aid in closing the gap however it shouldn’t be used if it results in players losing points. The points lost through boosting are put in the direction of the player who is increasing. A collision with larger players may cause the smaller player to lose their position or be destroyed. If the bigger player is larger than 150 percent of the player’s size, the collision could cause the player to be destroyed.


Customize your character by choosing among a variety of colors and hats. Players can choose a distinctive color for their body and a different color for their hat.

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