Basketball Legends

MadPuffers created Basketball Legends 2020, a basketball game with two players. You can play as any of the most well-known basketball players from the past, including Luka Doncic, James Harden and LeBron James. You can select your team to compete against a computer or a different player. Perform dunks and score 3 points to win. This sequel is Basketball Stars.

Release Date

September 2020


MadPuffers created Basketball Legends 2020. Basketball Stars is one of the games that are popular, along with the well-known Moto X3M.


Web browser

1 player is the one who controls

  • AD (or left and right arrow keys to move)

  • X/L to shoot/steal

  • S to pump/block

  • A+A or D+D or left/right Arrow two times to dash

  • Super shot from K/Z

2 player controls

  • Player 1 uses AD to move and player 2 utilizes the left and right arrow keys.

  • Shoot/steal Player 1 utilizes B while player 2 uses L

  • Pump Player 1 uses S and player 2 utilizes the down arrow.

  • To dash player 1 utilizes A/D twice while player 2, makes use of left and right arrows twice

  • K to super shot

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