Battle Of Karin

Battle Of Karin is an Iogame that is totally free. Karin is the land of terror. This is a multiplayer game that is about asteroids. It’s easy and vibrant and focuses on precision strategy and. It’s an excellent strategy. It’s a re-skinning attempt of an arcade game that’s been around for 40 years. It’s also transformed into a thrilling multi-player shooter. To defeat the enemy you can employ various weapons and abilities. The enemies aren’t just brainless rocks and robots floating in space. This game’s opponents are not random players. They are real players, using the same vehicles and using the same weapons. Your skills are what can set you apart from them. Get in the shower and start playing this game.

To be the leader of the Karin Asteroid Group, you must aim your efforts and think quickly.


It’s a fight for all players. Each kill is worth one point. After three minutes there is a winner. The winner is the one who has the most points. All points are added to your total score. In addition, the overall winner receives 10 points.

It takes only three hits to destroy a vessel and there is no repair.


Use the arrow keys and space keys to move. When special powers are available you can use them. To speed up the process, press X or C to shoot an illuminated beam.

Speed up is a way to swiftly change direction and escape our enemies. Use the laser to destroy asteroids or bullets.

Special powers require 5 seconds to reload Be aware.


Players who have registered can personalize their own ships. You can choose the color of your hull and cockpit as well as the flame.


Badges are awarded to most successful players in the overall ranking. Every game can affect the rankings. You can be promoted if are the top player at any position. Your badge will be displayed during game.

Only registered players are eligible to participate in the ranking.

Logging in

To authenticate, sign into your Discord account to authenticate. Only your Discord username is allowed to access the game.

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