What exactly is is a multiplayer 2D shooter that comes with an fully-destructible map. You fight with other teams and players for the title! The game comes with several different maps and game modes for you to choose from. It also comes with a wide range of gamemode and map combinations. You can unlock more than 20 weapons to fight the enemies that are playing the game and earning points to earn XP.

You can also use vehicles like the jeep and tank to quickly move across larger areas and transport your friends. Your passenger can shoot enemies while you’re driving the jeep. Meanwhile the heavily armored tank has a single seater, but it is equipped with the most powerful tank turret which shoots explosive rockets. Be aware of the long reloading times.’s guns and players are identical. You can change this behaviour by selecting one or two benefits you can unlock. Perks can boost the health and damage of your weapon as well as the speed at which you switch weapons and weapon speed as well as Reload speeds, speed of running, and many other stats. This allows you to make a variety of combinations of weapons and perks to suit your unique style of gaming!

To stay in touch with your teammates, use the emoji wheels. When summoned with the right mouse click, it lets you communicate with your teammates , regardless of their language and. Through playing the game and gaining coins which you can use to unlock and purchase various new emoticons. offers a leaderboard, which includes daily, weekly, monthly and all-time statistics. To save your XP and progress, you can create an account. You can also compete against other players on the leaderboards.

You can buy new hats, emotes or emotes by using the gems currency or coins currency used in the games. Coins are earned through playing the game and gaining points or XP. The store sells gems. Each currency can be used to purchase a specific set of goods.


Remember that all controls are completely changeable (you can select your own). You can change your settings by accessing the settings menu.

Your character can be controlled using the W A S D keyboard key. Use the mouse button to direct your weapon’s focus and shoot with the mouse. Click R to load it again when you’re out of ammunition. To enter a vehicle, hold the E key. Scroll using the mouse or use the keyboard keys 1 2, 3, and 4 to switch your weapon. You can plan your future moves by pressing Tab or M. If you are driving in a vehicle with space it will trigger the DRIFT mode;). It is essential to use it with caution.

Pro Tips

Everything is destructible!

Your RPG can be used to map streets where tanks are. This will assist you and your team members in defeating them. If you are looking to gain access to your home, you can also use RPG to destroy the walls of steel.

Grenades cause very little damage to vehicles, but lots of damage to other players.

Drop ammo or a health pack to help your friends. They will be grateful.

The repair gun is great to destroy walls.

You can combine benefits. This means that two perks will be of double benefit.

The description and the name of the game’s mode are displayed on the screen as soon as the game starts.

After you have bought any amount of gems, all ads will be removed! Emojis can be used to personalize your game’s display name.

Soon, mobile support for the game will be available.

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