Battlz Club is an io game that revolves around a unique fighting club with only few members. Members will fight to collect as many souls as they can to capture them all. You will need to gather more souls to boost your standing and rank. People who are skilled advance more quickly, and the higher your current ‘Soul Streak grows, the more experience you will earn for each soul you collect.

How to Play

Battlz.Club is most enjoyable with a mouse. If, however, you have only a trackpad We’ve got you covered. Z/X or >/ The keys function as left/right clicks. (Placed so that you can use your left or right hand on the trackpad).

If they’re hit by your attack, try to make them explode into fireballs in order to save their souls. If they do not die from your attack, then it’s fine since their damage meter will go up, and next time they’ll go further!

You will find energy orbs scattered across the map. They can be used to fill your dash meter. Although they don’t do the same damage as an attack it can knock them back a bit more than an attack. It can be used to kill an enemy or escape from fireballs!

Meet new people and make friends. How can you make it to Battlz Club’s elite group of members?

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