is an io-game with a space theme that lets you improve and progress as fast as you can without being killed or colliding with asteroids.

How to play

Collect fuel pods (red spinning circular objects) and use them to buy new ships that unlock new capabilities and are faster, as well as more HP. You can increase your level and upgrade your ship by investing points in different attributes like radar, fire rate , and health regen.

Use the mouse to control the direction of your ship. Spacebar or right-click to move. left-click the mouse to fire your laser. To activate the capabilities, hotkeys are utilized. Strategy

To determine if there’s imminent dangers, keep an eye on the minimap. You’ll need to move around asteroids because lasers won’t be able to bring them out.

Beware! You shouldn’t be able go faster than you can manage your vessel. You should make sure you invest your points in the “controlcapability. Lasers can be used for killing other players or asteroids. Damage and fire rate are the most effective options in the beginning. This will allow you to level up and upgrade faster.

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