is a sports-oriented IOGame which is free. Welcome to the incredibly fast-paced multiplayer soccer game (soccer). You must be part of a well-organized team and have the skill and ability to climb the leaderboards of trophy winners.

You must sign up using Discord to save your weekly trophy.

You can join any random team with your trophies or CREATE a TEAM , and invite your friends!


  • WASD to MOVE
  • Mouse over AIM direction
  • Click to TACKLE or SHOOT


  • Practice: practice matches do not award or deprive the trophies.
  • Ranked: you earn and lose trophies according to your RANK. Your RANK is determined by the number of trophies that you have won in the course of a particular week.
  • League: you cannot play LEAGUE matches 3 times per day. This is when the REAL game takes place.

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