Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a casual puzzle that’s completely free and derived from Puzzle Bobble. To make the group pop to the top, you must match 3 identical colored bubbles!

How to Play

Your shooter should aim their bubbles in rows. Match 3 or more identical bubbles to eliminate one group from the pile. The lower right corner will reveal the next bubble.

Your score will be based on how many bubbles you can remove and the time it takes to complete the match. If you don’t complete a match, the rows will move closer to you.

Bubble Shooter ends when the bubble pile reaches bottom. You will be awarded a high score , which you can beat at any time.

This is only one of the games.

Similar titles are available in our Bubble Shooter games. This Bubble Shooter version draws inspiration from Puzzle Bobble. Smarty Bubbles, Bubble Shooter and other popular alternatives are also available.


  • Bubble shooting is a traditional and difficult game

  • It becomes more difficult as you climb up the ladder.

  • Keep track your scores to be able to make use of it the next time

  • Sound effects that are enjoyable, colorful bubbles

Release Date

This version of Bubble Shooter Classic has been released in September 2018. You can also download the older version Ilyon’s Bubble Shooter.


Absolutist was the first company to come up with Bubble Shooter. This is the latest version. We also have the classic version.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android

  • iOS


Bubble Shooter Can You Win?

Yes, you can! Make sure you clear all bubbles at every level!

Who invented Bubble Shooter?

Bubble Shooter was originally created by Absolutist Ilyon and Absolutist Ilyon. This is an updated version.

How to play Bubble Shooter

  • Visit Bubble Shooter at Bunblocked Games

  • Desktop: Use the mouse to aim, then click left to shoot.

  • Tap to shoot on your mobile device


Use your mouse to

Click left to shoot

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