Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a multiplayer FPS game with stunning 3D graphics. You can make a room for as many players as you want …), or simply join in and shoot.

Purchase weapons and accessories like RPGs or machine guns that are deadly! The best abilities can only be gained after winning a the kill series. Show off your talents and become the Bullet Force champion!


Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde) created Bullet Force Multiplayer.

Release Date

Its debut date is June 2016. The game was updated in March of 2018 with a fresh look and exciting features. These features are only available on Crazygames.

Bullet Force is available as an iOS and Android application on Crazygames. This means that you can play on any device.


Play against bots in Multiplayer mode, against world-wide players, and in practice mode.

(M4A1, Compact. Many options of weapons available (including M67 and 45).

Multiple game modes: Team Deathmatch (Free All), Gun Game, Gun Game, and Conquest

You can alter loading using different weapons

Credit system to purchase additional guns

Special abilities to kill series can be used in the game

High-quality 3D graphics (depending on the graphics card you use can be altered through the settings menu).

A variety of thematically-relevant maps are available

Play on the screen


Can I play Bullet Force on my PC?

Bullet Force can only be played on Bunblocked Games!

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