Burger Chef

Burger Chef is an online game where you become a food tycoon, and then open your first hamburger shop. You are not just the proprietor of the restaurant, but also the chef in charge who is responsible for all the delicious food that is prepared and served to your patrons.

Your distinctive selling point is the ability to customize your burgers according to the specifications of your customers. If your customers ask for it, you’ll give them two patties. They can also request additional tomatoes if they wish. This game is all about the customer, and your burger restaurant must keep them satisfied. Good luck!

Release Date

Burger Chef launched an Android app in June of 2018. The HTML5 version of the app has been in beta since October of 2018.


  • Burger restaurant game

  • Mixing different ingredients

  • Each level has its own requirements for successful orders

  • Customers will leave if you are waiting too long.

  • There are three game modes including chef championship career, time attack and chef championship.


  • Web browser

  • Android


Use the left mouse button to select an ingredient

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