Burnin Rubber 5 XS

Burnin’ Rubber 5 XS combat racing video game. You can reach first place by any method you like. You can boost or destroy your opponents with any method you like. As you progress through the stages, there are various weapons and vehicles that you can unlock.

Burnin’ Rubber 5XS


You can beat your opponents and take first position. You can choose from a wide array of secondary and primary weapons in Burnin Rubber 5. You can choose from homing missiles, railguns, and deadly bouncers. These weapons can be used to create chaos.

You will be racing around the track, bulldozing your opponents, and collecting ammunition, repairs and boosts. It’s not a good idea to be conservative because there are numerous options for upgrades. You can kill your enemies with ferociousness, causing havoc.

Reward Programme

For every opponent you knock down with your 4-wheeled killer car, you will receive $1,000. Find the ideal weapon and begin earning cash bonuses.

Burnin”Rubber 5 XS includes twelve racetracks. Each track will be unlocked once you have completed the previous level. As as a reward, you will receive new cars. You get more involved in the game and your cars are faster, while your opponents become more aggressive.


What should you do once you have completed all the races? Each track has four achievements. These awards are given to you if :

  • Reach first place

  • Remove the bonus

  • Get the mystery box

  • Complete a track in prestige time

These achievements can result in cash or vehicle rewards. These achievements also help to improve the game’s overall success which are displayed in the main menu. To win a special prize, you must complete all of your accomplishments!

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Release Date

October 2020


The XformGames team created Burnin’ Ruber 5, HD, XS, as well as HD.


Web browser


  • Use the WASD keys and arrow keys to drive your car

  • To fire your weapon, press Z, X, or the left- and right-mouse buttons

  • To drift hold Shift

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