Chess Arena offers a free Iogame. Chess is among the most powerful and longest-running strategy games ever developed. It has been played by generals, kings presidents, generals and even the most casual geniuses. This game is for players who think they are a skilled and brilliant player. It is an chess game played in a survival game and an empire-building game. The objective is to capture the most pieces of your opponent and then score the highest.

Start with a King, and keep it going at all costs. Take pieces from the enemy or search for gold in coins. Spend the gold to build your chess armies , and you will receive powerful blessings. Make use of terrain to your advantage

Prove that you are the most effective strategist on the battlefield!

How To Play:

Left-click to move your objects and WSAD (or right click) to move the camera. Additional keybindings are included in the game.

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