Clicker Heroes

Are you a true hero? Clicker Heroes online makes it easy. Within the bounds of reasonableness.

Clicker Heroes is a fun game. Mouse clicks kill monsters. They drop golden coins. They can also be upgraded to be heroes. Simple. But there’s a caveat. There are a variety of levels. Cool, right? There are talents, characters, and a large flower that you can swoosh over. Did I not mention the Bumblebees? It’s so soft!

It is not fair to say that killing monsters can be quite brutal. You are a tiny, angry flower that is sat by the river. Mad homo sapiens could reach your spot. All this to take out plants. You have some money. He will examine your body and offer you cash! This is quite cruel!

There are also skeletons and spiders. When they wander through a maze with red eyes 8 feet high, nobody is thinking about morality. A troll will tower over a country house and swing an oak like a club. You may also escape an army of orcs which emit a stench faster than the wind blows. Clicker Heroes lets you kill any creature for free, even with no coins.

Mankind is known for creating things that do not exist. This is a legacy from cave dwellers of the past, before the grass was greener. Human life is precious and fragile. Someone who is scared of a threat that’s not actually there will not be impacted by the consequences. If a mysterious creature is present and the person doesn’t feel scared, he will most likely not eat dinner. Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can actually be beneficial. It can teach us far more than we could think of.

Clicker Hero presents a terrifying, fantastic world to explore. Unstoppable, unstoppable adventurers! Both dead and living plants can be defeated!

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