Have you ever thought about what a mix of an online game of death and farming simulators could look like? combines the platform io and farming simulators to create a top-down driving simulator.

The game also features multiplayer features that will be familiar to anyone who has played Io games. Many farmers are trying to reap the highest yields from the wheat field. Their rivalry is out of hand as their trailer tails are getting longer than their harvesters and sometimes, they smash into each one. Are you able to handle the chaos and chaos of the harvest season and pick more wheat than any else in the world? utilizes the most effective multiplayer mechanics of best games in the category. You now have a top-down view , with instant restarts. All you need is a keyboard and mouse. The game’s distinctive theme and amazing animations make it stand out. It also has a second goal of collecting crops. The more wheat you gather the more you can add to the trailer carts of your combine. This makes it harder for other players to crash into your tail. They will quickly die and all their progress will be lost. If you can stay alive long enough and you’ll soon have lots of carts to your credit , and the amount of wheat you’ve harvested will soon be to exceed 100.

If that’s not enough to make you feel excited about There are plenty of other features that will make you decide to give it an attempt. You can earn achievements by meeting certain requirements such as playing 10 games or breaking a certain number of enemy vehicles. Your progress will be saved for as long as you are using the same browser and device while playing, so you can maintain your position among the best scorers.

Can you defeat your foes, harvest all the crops and become the top combine driver in the world? Take your harvester and take off your shoes! After that, you can start the engine to start your epic climb to the top!

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