is a multiplayer browser game that is a combination of with, is now available.

Yay, delicious morsels for everyone!

Move with your mouse and sneak up behind other creatures and eat them for chunks of delicious meat! This is not something you should allow anyone else to do using your mouse. You’re too young

You can evolve and be dominant.

You can pick one of the active abilities once you reach a certain mass. This will increase your strength. You can activate them by using the Q keys W, E and Q. Fly and stalk your prey invisibly and hide beneath the ground, and more!

Explore different combinations of abilities to create the ultimate creature to take over the entire ecosystem.

Be bold, but not timid.

Once you’ve surpassed an amount of people , then you can select one of the many active abilities, which will make you more powerful! Fly and stalk your prey invisibly and hide beneath the ground, in addition to other abilities!

There are numerous levels of skill. You can mix different skills to create the ultimate creature or dominate the entire ecosystem.

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The developers want to create an awesome .io game which will test your skill, different playstyles and strategies that will provide an exciting amount of fun. Please share your feedback on game’s page and tell your friends about it!

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