Crowd City

You’ll be attempting to dominate the city in the entertaining Crowd City game. This online game will challenge players to draw the biggest crowd they can. You’ll be the only player in the game. To increase your power, you need to change your followers. It is easy to make your character more neutral (grey) and then you can observe their color change and they will become part of your group.

Crowd City is a fantastic multiplayer gaming experience. It is a simple game to play multiplayer games. To take on the city, you’ll have to compete against other players from all over the world. These 3D games are time-bound and are extremely cool. The winner is the one who has the biggest crowd at the end of the time limit.

Be aware of other players since they might try to assimilate or to take your place in the round. It is possible to take on other players and be able to take their place in the round when you have a bigger following. Player 1 could have 250 followers, while player 2 could have 245 followers. Player 1 might be able to win over player 2 and win the entire 245 people. You can be the king in your city and draw more people.

Release Date

  • November 2018, (iOS).

  • January 2019, WebGL.

  • February 2019, Android


This version was derived by Voodoo.


  • Players-converting gameplay

  • 3D Beautiful City

  • AI enemies

  • It is possible to get many supporters


  • Web browser

  • Android

  • iOS


Move your mouse to control the movement.

Video Walkthrough

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