Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

Cut the rope and feed the beast! Cut the Rope, a classic physics puzzle in which you must cut a number of ropes to feed the hungry little monster. The monsters are in search of candy when a mysterious package arrives. You must try to release the sugar in order to complete each level.

Also, you must try to collect gold stars and find hidden rewards. This award-winning game features challenging puzzles as well as cute animations and music.

Although it may sound simple, you need to learn physics before you can do this. Scroll down and feed Om Nom. You should return to each level again and attempt to get three stars in them all. Are you able to collect them all?

Cut the Rope was the game that inspired ZeptoLab’s Comedy Series Om Nom stories. The play opens with a cut scene. A package arrives at the door, the bell rings and the little monster is ready to be fed. The game begins: cut the rope and feed the candy to the hungry beast.

The Beast Within only wants to eat as many candy as possible. To feed the beast three candies, players must collect a maximum three stars on each level. This addictive, fun and award-winning physics-based game lets you collect gold stars in order to unlock new levels and discover hidden rewards.

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