Cyber Cars Punk Racing

Cyber Cars Punk Racing 3D Car Driving Game featuring futuristic cars and theme.

There are neon cities, supercars and various other game modes. There are 16 supercars to choose from and 60 tracks to race on. You can purchase and develop your vehicle or race against artificial intelligence. Career Modes Game Modes You can choose from numerous career options to test your skills. These are “Race”, “Against Time”, “Stunt”, “CheckPoint”, and “Fly Parkour”.

Depending on the race you are in You will be awarded stars. You can only earn 160 stars in career mode. There are 12 racetracks available in “Race” mode. 7 Artificial Intelligence can win the race. If you are in the top 3, you will get the chance to be able to go to the next race track. You earn money based on the length of time you race. You also earn money from drift points and flight points that you earn during the race. You race against the clock in “Time against” mode.

There are 12 tracks in total. The track is rated on the time it took to finish. Find star ratings here. These star ratings will allow you to buy brand new supercars. Only 12 racetracks allow you to cross the finish line in “Stunt”. Talent is required to cross the finish lines of racetracks on challenging tracks in a time-efficient way. Only 12 obstacles can be cleared on the racetracks to get you to the finish in “Check Point” mode. Fly Parkour mode requires you to stay clear of roads at a staggering speeds. With the stars you earn from “Career” you can purchase new cars. With the money you earn, you can also buy new vehicles and boost your engine’s performance.

In any major city, you can avail a free ride. You will find large buildings large streets, wide streets, and stunt areas in the free mode zone. There are many additional areas that aren’t easily found. 60 gems can be found throughout the city. These gems can be used to fund the purchase of new vehicles. The “Reward” table is open every 180 seconds. This “Reward” table allows you to earn cash in accordance with your flight points and drift. You can get good rewards if you are patient for 180 minutes. When keys reach an amount, the vehicle will open automatically.

Hot Chase Police are looking for vehicles to chase and catch. Are you ready for an exciting chase? This mode comes with the “HP”. If we are caught fleeing from police Our “HP” value will decrease. Beware of the police. The police will always be looking out for you. If your “HP” value is less than zero You will be detained. Cops will arrest you. To increase your HP Press the “ExtraHP” button. This button will display briefly when hp reaches zero. Battle Arena Get ready for an thrilling battle. The battlefield has been designed to host 8 racers.

There are three special abilities: “Damage X5″(HP +25) and “SHIELD(SHIELD). (SHIELD). These skills will enable you to defeat your enemies. The winner is the person who is last standing. This mode allows vehicles to collide and explode. Each vehicle has 100 HP. If the HP value falls to zero, the vehicle will explode. The player who has the lowest HP will be eliminated from the fight. Your HP + 20 is increased when you detonate another.

After the battle, you’ll be awarded rank rewards. These rewards are only available to those who are among the top three. Lets! Let’s get out there and roar like a Lion. Two Players (2P Versus). You can play with your buddies on the same computer but only with one screen. You can determine who is the best driver.

Features Cyber Future Theme Neon City Two-player mode. Exciting race against artificial intelligence. Realistic driving Physics A wide range of racing cars Wide open world Fullscreen Mode

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