DarkNova.io, a top-down shooter for teams in space is now available.

Join the red or blue team and fight to protect or steal the gem, or defusing or placing the bomb. To win, you must also destroy the opponent. You can score kills and win team wins to earn cash you can use to buy new ships or upgrades in the next round.

You can join the round by joining the middle of the round, but you’ll be a spectator until round two. Rounds can fly by fast!

How to Play Dark Nova

To access the help menu, click “H” at any time. WASD moves your ship, and your ship will aim towards its mouse pointer. (We strongly recommend using a mouse, and not a touch pad.)

The shop is opened by pressing ‘P at the beginning of every round. (Hotkeys are available in the shop to make it easier to shop quickly.)

To play in fullscreen mode For fullscreen play, press the key “F11” in your browser. This gives you an edge and enhance the experience. (If you’re playing on a different site, you may prefer to go to www.darknova.io to get an all-screen experience.

Dark Nova Strategy

If you pass away and die then you’re an observer for the remainder of the game. Your life is precious So be aware of your opponent team when you face them. You can team up or sneak over your opponent to stay in their blind spots.

If you’re able strike, there’s no way to convince the entire team to move. All you have to do is get in and steal the gem. Then , return it to your base. 😉

Make sure to purchase ships that are able to counter the enemy’s tactics. Different ships are better suited to different maps. If you’re struggling to make ends meet Don’t be worried and attempt to obtain different modifications from dead players.

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