DAUD.io – Blast everyone with your giant fleet!

Daud.io 2D shooting video game for teams from outer space

HOW to play:

Your ships move towards your mouse. Move your mouse across the screen to control them. Press space or click your mouse to shoot. press S to receive speed boost, but be cautious! You’ll lose half of the fleet you have in this way!

When you hit other players, bullets could result in more ships!

Kill other players to earn points

You can aim at missiles that homing with missile power boosts. Be sure to utilize them in a responsible manner


The number of ships determines the speed of a fleet. Smaller fleets are more efficient

Bullet speed is also affected by the size of the vessel

Use circular barriers to shield yourself from bullets.

Red arena borders can slow down your ship – be aware of these borders

Splitting is a great method to flank your opponents

To ensure that you’re capable of trapping your opponents in other players, position yourself correctly

To prevent homing missiles from being shot at, normal bullets can be used

Spread your bullets out over an arc to hit more enemies, or focus your bullets to cause more damage over smaller areas.


Daud.io is an online space combat game in which players compete against one another in a cost-free arena. The game’s combat system based on skill is based on building fleets of ships over time, attacking your opponents, and using the unique shot direction of your fleet in order to outmaneuver your adversaries and defeat them. Each player starts the game with a small fleet of basic ships that can be operated by their mouse pointer. Your fleet will grow in strength through eliminating enemy fleets and building up power-ups that allow you to take on the toughest enemies. The size of your fleet isn’t the only factor. However, with our unique combat system, even the smallest fleet can easily defeat the biggest armies.

Start your journey at daud.io arena by choosing the smaller vessels that are flying around the arena. These are great for expanding your fleet. You should be aware of other players when your fleet is small. They can profit from your low numbers and attempt to destroy you. You can make use of the power-ups that are scattered throughout the map to gain an advantage over your rivals. Each ship in your fleet moves individually towards your mouse, and to be the best player you will require various bullet spreads to limit their numbers using larger attacks, and then finish off with powerful bursts.

You can ask questions and provide feedback through our discord and subreddit servers. Both are available on our intro screen.

We would like take a moment to thank our sponsors without whom we would not be here. We hope that you enjoyed the game and would like you to acknowledge our sponsors. We hope that you enjoy this artisanal electronic gaming experience, if you decide to take part in our creation. We hope you have an amazing day, and that you have a great time on your flight.

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