is an ocean-based, free-for-all game available on the io. It is similar in the sense that it seeks to climb up the food chain and conquer the ocean. The goal is to become stronger and smarter animal, which will increase your chances for survival.

What are you playing?

Deep is an area where survival is the primary goal. At the beginning, it might seem difficult as the servers have already started to climb up the food chain. But don’t fret it’s not too difficult for those who are new! Your xp bar will grow as you eat food. Once it’s full, the character will change into a completely different creature with different characteristics. The oxygen level of your body is crucial as some animals cannot breathe in water for a long period of time. Seagulls for instance can fly over water to compensate. Remember that you are susceptible to being eaten by anything larger than you are. This includes other players of the same species. this rule is not applicable to sharks however.


The controls are simple. Use the mouse to move and the space bar to accelerate. This is a great way to narrow the gap between you and your opponent or to allow you to catch up with your prey.

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