A fascinating and game, is unique from all other games. To shoot other players, you fly an aircraft. You can build towers and walls on the map to mark your territory. You can earn experience points (XP), by marking larger areas and shooting other Helis.

You can make use of your helicopter’s weapons against your adversaries to take over their territory, and claim your land!

Different game modes

There are three types of deflyio. PVP mode demands that each player tries to cover the entire map. Two spots in the Defuse mode are assigned to different teams. Each team must protect its bomb location. There are eight teams in the third mode (called teams) comprised of six players. Similar to PVP mode, teams have to cover as much territory as they can.


The process of advancing on’s 32 levels can help you gain XP. You can earn XP by conquering territories or demolishing towers of enemies. You can also shoot other players to death by shooting at them. Your level will determine the skills you learn. You can improve your player’s speed and bullet speed as well as the range of your bullet, bullet speed as well as reload speed or build distance. The helicopter is able to build walls or towers in the area surrounding it.

You can attain superpowers like speed boost dual fire, shield, flashbang and teleport starting at level 20.

Date of Release



Exodragon Games (Florent) developed


  • There are a variety of helicopter models to choose from

  • You can change the color of your helicopter

  • Enjoy a fun game that blends attacking and defending.

  • Once you have reached level 20, you gain access to a superpower

  • Possibility of upgrading your building or aircraft


Web browser


  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move

  • To mark your boundaries you can use the space bar to draw the line. Close the line by closing it.

  • Click left to shoot (hold down the mouse to continue shooting)

  • Use superpowers like E, or Shift

Video Walkthrough

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