Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game! Develop into a powerful winged beast! Dragon Simulator 3D is a 3D animal simulator game in the same series as Tiger Simulator and Racoon Simulator. The game lets you control an impressive dragon. You can complete tasks and show others your strength!

Begin your quest by selecting the name or color or the dragon’s affinity. Dragons have the powers of nature, fire or Ice, or air. Each close proximity provides you with amazing moves and abilities. After you have customized your epic monster, take a leap into this dragon game.

Complete your mission and increase your strength

Explore the vast open world and explore it with Your Dragon. The flying mechanics are easy to control and the game looks great. Talk to humans and other animals and complete missions to earn rewards. Be cautious when attacking people with guns or arrows.

There is also a multiplayer Dragon simulator that lets you fight PVP battles with other players. To take on them and defeat them in combat, you need great flight skills. This is a great online game for free and another excellent Cybergoldfinch game.

Dragon Simulator 3D won the CrazyGames 2019 Developer contest! The game’s stunning graphics, impressive gameplay, and a clever level design impressed the three jury members.

Release Date

November 2019


Dragon Simulator 3D was developed by CyberGoldfinch.


Web browser



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