ev.io, a futuristic Halo-esque browser first person shooter, is now available.

The game currently offers two game modes. To get the most kills, you can participate in a deathmatch with other players. Deathmatches between teams are an effort in a group to get the most kills.

Contrary to other browser shooters like Venge or Krunker, ev.io’s weapon system isn’t easy to locate on the map. In ev.io you choose the weapon that you begin with: a handgun or laser rifle or auto rifle. Each primary weapon falls under an archetype of its own. For example the auto rifle produces minimal damage, but it is fast in terms of fire. Laser rifles are high-damage weapon, which can also be used to light fire at a slow pace.

You can pick up weapons from the map, in addition to picking the primary weapon. There are three weapons that are available to purchase including the shotgun, sniper and rocket launcher. They are more powerful than your standard weapon, but they also have less ammo. But, the firearms that you buy are effective. So you need to ensure that your shots are effective to maximize the effectiveness of them.

The game has a complex ability system that focuses on grenades as well as movements.

Grenades Grenades HTML0 You can pick two of three the grenades: smoke grenades flash grenades, and standard grenades.

Movement Spend 3 Points on any of the three categories: jumping or teleportation, and sprint. Sprint is a sprint that costs 1 point, and you can teleport 2 points. You can jump three times , if you using all three points jumping.

Although jumping doesn’t require stamina, other activities such as teleportation, sprinting, or sprinting require stamina. There are many motion mechanics that are available in ev.io.

You can play on the leaderboard or go to the in-game shop for skins and cosmetics (coming in the near future). You can also play games privately with your friends by clicking the share link on the menu (hit the M key to access the game).

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