EvoWars.io is a multiplayer online gaming experience where you play as an ebullient warrior who attempts to take out his foes with your broadsword. It’s exciting and fun. The length of your sword increases with every enemy you kill and the damage. This lets you cause more destruction and death.

To avoid being struck by the swords of other players, you need to swiftly move around the map. Be careful and plan your moves before you attempt to take out as many opponents as possible. Are you able to take on EvoWars and become the most powerful warrior of the land with the most powerful sword?

EvoWars is a fantastic video game! Also, make sure to look into ZombsRoyale.io and Hungry Shark Arena.

Release Date

March 2018,


Night Steed Games created EvoWars.io.


  • Slashing with a lot of force is essential to take out your adversaries.

  • Level up to increase the size and complexity with more than 15 characters

  • You must have a distinct style of play and make the most out of every chance.

  • Sprint capability for the price you pay for your experience points


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android

  • iOS


  • Move the character using your mouse

  • Left click to attack

  • Click here for Sprint

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