Exploder.io offers a free IOGame. The game is a masterpiece of the realm of pixel art, and invites everyone to join in with open arms. It’s an old-fashioned multiplayer game that is influenced by the classic Bomberman. It’s primarily focused on PvP. The map is maze-like , and players have to fight monsters and other players. To increase your chances of winning, there’s a myriad of different power-ups that can be found on the map. While the game is easy to master and easy to master, you will need to invest a lot of time learning the various strategies and tricks to maximize your chances of winning.

Gameplay features

  • The atmosphere of the classic Bomberman game.
  • It is simple to learn however it can be difficult to master.
  • You can personalize your character using an in-game store, which you can purchase virtual currency.
  • “Friends” game mode includes an exclusive lobby with a leaderboards and a leaderboard.
  • Each battle earns points as well as virtual currency.
  • These maps are small and concentrate on the gaming experience. They are extremely fast and intense.
  • You can practice in a waiting area while waiting for other players to fill your spots.


The game works with both mobile and desktop browsers. You can select landscape or portrait mode on mobile, based on the mode you prefer.

  • Computer Computer Computer: Use WASD (or Arrow keys) to move your mouse and then press the space key. This will set off an explosive.
  • Mobile Swipe and hold to move in any direction, and then tap on the bomb icon to start placing an explosive.


  • The quicker the monsters advance and the longer the battle goes on without breaking bricks, the more time it takes. It’s also more difficult to defend against the next wave of monsters.
  • In the short term, killing other players is the most effective way of winning. However you can also join your team with other players to remain alive as long as you can. You earn experience points and virtual currency whenever you take down monsters. They can be exchanged later in the shop to purchase extravagant skins.
  • A random bonus could produce an unexpected result! They can have negative effects like a slowing down or no bombs for some time. The chance of securing an additional bonus with the question marks sign is worth it. Your chances of getting positive effects are twice as likely as those of negative effects. The negative effects are more likely to last for a longer time than positive ones.
  • Although a speed-up bonus is one of the most valuable bonuses, it can be difficult for players to control at the beginning. You can be a victim of other players and hold the bomb key in order to destroy them. It’s not a simple fix.
  • If you’re receiving a bonus for slowing down, it is advised to focus on your the survival aspect and strategically place bombs to stop other players.
  • The best reward at the end of the game is the chance to increase the range of your bomb. You could surprise your opponents using a couple of bombs and kill a lot of monsters with just one blast. This bonus is only available to those who believe that the game will last. The bombing spree bonus is a bonus but it isn’t easy to manage.
  • Monsters can alter their actions at any moment.
  • In the “Play with Friends” mode in which you are able to battle your friends or create a private lobby you manage.

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