Fishing and Lines

Experience the thrilling sport of Fishing and Lines. We have combined balls, fishing lines, lines and lines into one game. Here’s what we found. You are fishing and playing ball. Puzzle-based logical games allow you to explore the many species of sea and river fish.
There are 140 species of fish you can catch depending on the color of your balls and the length of your line, and the number of lines. You can earn different amounts of points (coins) depending on the species of fish you catch. The fish cage will show your catch. Three new colored balls will be added to the field in the event that you make a move and the line doesn’t form. It is possible to identify the color of the balls nearby or on the field. The game continues until the field is filled with balls or until the goal is finished.
Amateur fishing is recommended for beginners as well as those who enjoy simple fishing. This method aims at catching as many fish as possible and scoring as many points as you can.
Fishing Levels is an online game mode that has 150 levels and different tasks. This mode allows you to finish all tasks and earn highest scores.
Fishing Pro is an interesting variation on the traditional version of Color Lines. Five balls of the same color make up the minimum length of the lines.
Tournaments are a type of game that lets you play in 5 tournaments and earn bronze, gold, or silver cups.

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