Flying Car Driving Simulator

Car accident Simulator Royale is a 3D car accident derby game. This game is a blend between a crash simulator-style engine, fast-paced action the deconstruction of Derby and car war games.

. Faster and faster to survive! Do the maximum possible collision damage earn money and unlock crazy things like tanks and monster trucks. Does that sound fun? Try the Demolition and Car Crash Derby Simulator and discover the joy of extreme demolition in exciting little car derby races.

This is something you should never do in real life. Instead, play this simulation game:


Explore a variety of collision simulator modes such as tanks and machines

High-speed, intense impact action

Real – time car destruction and damage deformation + collision physics engine

Select from a wide selection of high-end decks

Enhance and customize your vehicle with adjustments and improvements

Amazing visuals and outstanding performance on a wide variety of devices

Simulation of real car wreckage and debris

Release Date

April 2016 (iOS)

January 2016 (Android).

March 2020 (WebGL).


Kiqqi Games developed Car Crash Simulator Royale.


Web browser



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