was earlier known as It’s an online survival game that is multiplayer. You begin as a tiny fly and progress by eating more. As you progress, other players are added to your diet. Each level introduces a new ability and more options for food. It’s simple to pick to fly or die!

How to play

Avoid eating animals and other food items. Avoid animals with red stripes as they could devour you! You’ll be fighting for your life against thousands upon thousands of other players. Keep moving and eating! You’ll also need to be aware of your water levels.

Special capabilities

Each animal will develop its own unique ability as the game gets more difficult. This ability can be utilized to help speed up the game. You’ll have the “chance to begin” when you begin as an insect. This gives you an opportunity of 50% of avoiding the hunter’s attack. You can utilize your unique abilities to your advantage.

Game Levels

Evoworld includes 45 different animals and eight levels of evolution. You begin as a fly and then work to ascend through the animal kingdom. The Grim Reaper is a hunter.

Biomes at

There are a variety of biomes. Each offers a unique perspective. There are different species of prey around the globe, so look over the map to find out what’s on.

About the Developer

Pixel Voices, developer has created EvoWorld. Pixel Voices also made popular games such as Dec., it’s discovered.


Don’t stay too long in one location.

Utilize your unique capabilities to your advantage

To avoid defeat, you must navigate your way to the top of the mountain

Make sure you have plenty of water in your hideout

Consume as much prey as you can!


With 45 different species

Fly deep into space or in the deep enough to evolve

There are a variety of biomes to pick from

. io multiplayer game

Release Date

April, 2018,

Web browser (desktop or mobile). We also have an Android version.


How many evolutions are there in evoworld?

You can progress through eight stages and 45 animals.

Video Walkthrough

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