allows you to take part in an alien invasion and pilot a powerful starship that destroys cities around the globe. To increase your power and eventually be able to take on larger objects like malls or apartment complexes, you must take on all human beings that walk on the streets, roads and trees as well as vehicles. Humans are not a problem for this sophisticated UFO. The challenge comes from other players. Consume as much as you can before they take over, and you’ll be the best destroyer at the end of the two minute round. can be easy and difficult to master. Drag a person or object into the space, then place the flying object there. Then, you wait for the object to absorb the flight. You will earn points to your progress bar when the flight takes place. To boost the level of your ship and increase its power and stronger, you must fill it up to the top of its tank. Be aware that it’s equally easy for your adversaries players who control the alien ships. Even if you are at the top of the table, you could easily fall to your opponents. You may also be able to attack other players. You must be strong enough to be able to do this. You could be attacked by someone more powerful than you and have to be reborn. controls can be accessed by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor to the area you would like your UFO to move to. The UFO will follow. You can also control your UFO with your keyboard. To fly in the direction you wish to you just need to press WASD and the Arrow keys. It’s simple. To ensure that your growth is gradual, it’s recommended to plan your route in advance. Start with small trees or trash bins, and benches followed by cars and then smaller structures. Soon, you will be able absorb the biggest skyscrapers and become the dominant figure on the entire map. is accessible via your browser. is accessible through Bunblocked Games. You can begin playing the game without needing to download or install anything. Like all other games on our site, the game can be accessed via any device that has an internet connection. Are you able to be the most powerful alien super-hero and inspire fear into the hearts of all people? Join to discover the answer!

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