The gems are the aim of this strategy-based team game! The gem mines are in chaos. Everyone wants the richest and most precious gem mines, so they’re speeding to locate gems and blasting anyone they come across. Now it’s your turn!

How do I play

Control WASD/Arrows Drop bomb Space Throw bomb Hold the space for a few seconds, and then release to throw

Gems are worth 5 points each and will be respawned after a few minutes. Your HP will be restored through green Medikits. Killing another gnome earns you just a fraction of his points. Strategy

Earn points by collecting gems, and by killing high-scoring gamers. You can also search for gemspawns that are missing. You can also join your friends and take control of the area filled with gems. This will prevent any other person from entering. You can also play with other Gnomes and take them away.

Bombs can be difficult, learning the techniques can give you an advantage in fights. You can throw a bomb, and then chase it using good timing. This is an excellent skill for chasing other players.

Minimaps are helpful in forming a plan of attack or fighting. Are you being watched by a person through the tunnel? If you explode your bomb at the appropriate moment you’ll be in control.

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