Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Online is a side-scrolling game that can be paired with musical beats. To keep the musical momentum alive, you must go over and over obstacles. It’s back to the start in the event of a mishap!

How to Play

Geometry Dash Online lets the square to move autonomously. Click to jump whenever you need to and then use up/down to steer vehicles. You’ll see that your escape from obstacles is usually in tune to the beat. Have fun and turn on your music!

There are areas that feature amazing new songs, colors, or abilities as you advance through the levels. These areas need your extra focus. It’s an amazing musical journey!

Geometry Dash History

Geometry Dash was built without an understanding of the future, claims the developer. It could have moved in any direction. It began as a model, using the cube that could crash or jump.

The original launch of this game was Geometry Jump, which only had seven levels. Later, it was renamed Geometry Dash. There are currently four free versions of Geometry Dash. One is “Geometry dash Lite,” that includes 13 levels of the full game.


The game has received positive reviews from critics. Softpedia gave the game a favorable rating, noting that the game was “frustrating at times, but you can still finish the levels in the practice mode, and then jump into any of the many user-generated levels. ”

Gaming Tips

It is important to keep your movements in sync with music. Be calm. It will make the game much more enjoyable if you don’t get stressed! Keep practicing! You will learn the subtle movements that are necessary to move further. Learn from other players and share your successes.


  • There are numerous levels that are difficult, ranging from simple to almost impossible

  • The game is easy to comprehend thanks to its simple controls

  • Amazing music that will make you want to keep listening to

  • Have fun with the game!


Geometry Dash can be used on all platforms: Android and iOS, Windows, and on the web.


RobTop Games developed the game for mobile before porting it to PC under Geometry dash Online.

Griffpatch created this Scratch version.


SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump up Arrow = Steer vehicle up. DOWN Arrow = Steer the car downward. Do not touch any spikes or you’ll need to start from scratch!

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