is an online multiplayer game. You can play against other teams, collect gold , and improve the amount of your player’s base.


  • WASD – move
  • Left Click – attack / pick cart
  • Right Click is a unique ability
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Kill monsters or other players to achieve the level and earn upgrade points.

Once you’ve got your cart, you can find gold from the ground. You can then bring them to the base

If there is enough gold in the base, it enhances the team’s performance and provides bonuses

You can steal gold from the base of the enemy team using your cart

It is possible to destroy bases that do not have gold. The team with the top standing wins.


Each class has his own base stats and a unique ability

  • Paladins – can block enemy attacks with shields. The opponent will be stunned if the attack is stopped.
  • Hunter – Sets invisible traps. It will be stunned when the attacker is caught.
  • Rogue – deals double damage on backstab. Ability boosts speed of movement.
  • Priest heals friendly players using primary attack. Ability to create healing aura.
  • Warrior is able to inflict damage on numerous targets in your vicinity. Ability disables enemies
  • A sorcerer with specific abilities creates an area that inflicts damage to enemies.

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