You can transform into a massive ball of destruction and devour the other players on You can control your character by using the controls below. The splitting of your body allows you to defend yourself or attack yourself. Are you able to compete with the giants who played for decades before you?

Many games work exactly the same way as games. Move your mouse in the direction you want and you’ll be consuming energy blobs that grow. You can beat other players to increase your power.

Gota allows you to break down your block into smaller pieces. This provides you with a short speed boost to ensure you aren’t eaten. You can also employ this strategy to attack: If a player has a smaller blob , you can break it in two and throw it at them. To control your blob, you can use your mouse and press space to split it. games will entice players with their thrilling gameplay and easy controls. Geta io is one of the most played io games is a fantastic choice. Enjoy!

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