GoTet, an online game similar to Tetris, lets you control the tetrominoes and move your “playfield” (square) onto a map. The game is played against the clock and against the clock. You can also cast spells that help you complete your square pattern. This allows you to compete against other players. There are two types of playing: modern and classic. The difference is in the spells you can choose to use. Game modes: ————————————————- Singleplayer Classic You play solo on the map. The goal is to complete as many levels as you can in the fastest amount of time. ————————————————- Singleplayer Modern Similar to singleplayer classic but you have more spells at your disposal. ————————————————- Multiplayer 8 Players on a 256×256 map. As you progress through the levels you earn points, but also slow down. There is a maximum limit. The objective of the game is to stay for as long as possible (i.e. until the clock expires or you’re crushed by a player). There’s plenty of room for various strategies, and you can play both defensive and offensive. When there are many players, the interactions between them are more exciting. ————————————————- How to play: 1) Start with an empty square. The clock will tell you how long it takes to fill up your square before you are eliminated. 2.) You look around the map to find tiles. 3.) If you’ve found tiles glue them together. Once the square is completely filled and you’ve completed the stage. As you move forward, you earn points and your score rises. As you earn points , can cast spells. The bar with spells indicates the price of the spells. The clock resets and certain tiles (gold or silver) and bronze) have a higher price. Chests with hidden compartments can also be found that will open after completion of an entire level. 4.) You can take your tiles off at any point. 5) You can also steal tiles from other players. You can steal tiles from other players if you possess the shield spell. ————————————————- Controls: WASD, arrow keys, or hold down left-click and move mouse = move Space or left-click in the square = glue M or right-click = drop ————————————————- Spells: N = spin B = magnet V = shield F = fire C = shrink X = speed T = time ————————————————- Mobile Controls: On mobile, tap or hold and move in the desired direction. Tap the square to glue tiles. To release tiles or glue them use the left wheel. For other spells using the right wheel. ————————————————- See the tutorial section for more information. Although the game is still in the process of development, I believe it has a lot of potential. I welcome any feedback from players. I have many ideas for new spells and items (invisibility and explosive tiles) as well as secret combos, teleports and puzzles, bonuses and improvements to the sound quality and graphics. With the support of the community, all will be possible. I would appreciate it to receive your help to contribute to the project. The game’s backend is hosted on a limited amount of AWS. For any problems, please contact [email protected]

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