lets you upgrade your energy levels when playing multiplayer battle games.

Join the battle on Grab your axe, spear and sword to join the multiplayer battle-game with other players!

You can earn xp, increase your size and hit harder. You can gain advantage by using the horses and sheilds scattered around the map.

Your health is affected by the amount of xp that you earn. If you lose all your points, you will die. You can also attack other players to reduce their xp.

There are three types of warriors you can play as: Spartan, Knight, and Viking. Each warrior is equipped with a unique animal. For instance the Viking has an elk while the Knight has a horse, and the Spartan has goat. It doesn’t matter which kind of warrior you choose, because everyone suffers the same amount of damage and speed of movement regardless of the type of warrior.

The Peasant is a more challenging version of the game. The Peasant does half the damage than the rest of us , and rides on a pig.

You can unlock more warriors by increasing your account. They include the Swedish Knight, Scanian Knights, Danish Knights and Teutonic Knight. There are eight additional skins to choose from.

How do I


Use the mouse to navigate

To attack, press the mouse or space.


There are two kinds of powerups that are available in this game: horses and shields. Shields can reduce damage by 50%, whereas horses can increase the speed of your character by up to 50 percent.

The power-ups can be obtained by walking across them. The power-ups are active for 20 minutes. Strategy

Avoid players who are larger as they are more likely to win if you are taking on yourself against them. Choose players who are your size or less. If they go off, it may be difficult to get them back unless horses are available.

It is recommended to wear a shield while fighting, as it can help you to take less damage.

How can you stop bigger players?

Collaborate with smaller players to take down larger players. To avoid being hit by one go, be sure to have shields. For those who are large, you will likely experience a strong bounce. It is recommended that you have horses to help you in getting back on your horses faster.

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