Hole.io is an multiplayer.io video game with magnification where you absorb all the things that come your way. You begin as a tiny black hole and expand by taking in more objects. The more objects you can absorb into the void, the larger you will grow. This continues until all civilizations are exhausted.

Hole.io How To Play

Growth Games tend to be endless and focus on eating other players in order to reap huge rewards. You can then start over again if you lose.

Hole.io is different. Although you can absorb other players, the primary objective is to consume as many objects as you can. This allows you to expand quickly within the two minute time limit. If you’re exhausted, you’ll need only just a few seconds to be renewed.

Game modes

Hole.io the default game mode is timed. The timer runs out and the hole with the highest score wins. Battle royale is an alternative. This game mode ends when the final hole is left standing.


Hole.io has many maps that will satisfy your desire to destroy. There are a myriad of maps to choose from, including post-apocalyptic towns farms, medieval themes, and cities. To begin, choose your desired map from the menu.

Hole.io Tips

Begin eating small objects such as people and plants immediately after the game begins. This will allow your hole to absorb larger objects and expand faster.

As soon as you’re old enough to eat larger items, focus on eating them. On maps that have many buildings, simply focus on eating them and you’ll quickly grow.

Don’t attempt to consume other players unless there’s not much left to take in or you can corner them to ensure quick and easy absorption.

Similar Games

Hole.io is an expansion .io game. Many games feature growth as a primary mechanic. This is why we have an area dedicated to growing games!

Worms Zone and MiniGiants.io check out other addictive games for growth and satisfy your fundamental desire to consume and grow!


To become an all-consuming black hole you must engage in a match

Play various maps from different locations and times

Grow and surround the cities and villages

Duration and battle royale game modes

Publication History

The game was released for the first time on mobile platforms (iOS, Android) in June of this year. The online version is available since July.


This version is based upon the game Voodoo. Another fantastic .io game is Paper.io’or you must check it out!

Web browser




You can play online on Hole.io.

Yes, Hole.io you can play with both your browser and mobile devices.

Hole.io Does their player count real or bots?

Hole.io players who are bots.

How to play?

Adegogamers.org at Hole.io go to.

Use your mouse to move the black hole.

What is the largest hole size in Hole.io?

Hole.io The maximum size of a hole is the map’s size.

Video Walkthrough

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