Kitty Doctor

Kitty Doctor is an addictive hypercasual game. If your cat is suffering from a serious illness You can treat her at the hospital. These “cat games” can aid your cat in recovering from injuries or illnesses at your cat’s home.

FeverHelp your feline friends manage their temperature and medication!
Thorns – Use a veterinary tool to remove thorns. Spray thicks and apply an Ointment.
Ear infection – Search and eliminate germs that are hidden in the ears of cute animals
Achy throat? Spray the harmful bacteria and treat your pet’s family members and be the best veterinarian in the world!
Make an herbal potion to treat felines that have been bit!
Cuts – Pets can be difficult to treat and requires an enormous amount of effort to create a “cat veterinarian” who is skilled in treating cuts and playing video games like stitching and applying bandages!
Stomach pains – In this game of animal surgery you can also perform ultrasounds in a manner similar to an animal clinic! After the animals have been treated, you can give them food from a pet shop!
Broken bones – You can repair broken bones with pet care video games! You are the best vet and vet, which means you can carry out feline care and surgical treatments by yourself!
Toothache – Your adorable pet’s furry pet has tooth decay! These video games for animals will make you feel like a pet dentist and will provide you with lots of fun!
Treat your cat and earn stars to help fund new clinics and veterinarians who will care for your cat’s needs. Collect as many stars as you can in order to play the cat doctor games at our animal hospital.

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