Kugeln.io A multiplayer 2D shooter io io game that has power-ups, is available. You can fight to the end of the game on various maps with up to eight players.

There are three game modes.

Death Match

You will be competing against all the other players on the map. The person with the highest score will earn you the game.

Team Death Match

There are two sides to the battle that is blue and red. Don’t try to kill teammates! The team with the highest score wins!

Capture Flag

Similar to Team Death Match, you must carry the flag of your opponent to your flag in order to take it. The first team to take three flags wins!

How to Play Kugeln.io

Use the A/D button to manage your character’s actions, and the space for jumping. The mouse can be used to aim. Shoot with the left mouse button and use the right to throw objects. If you’re near an automatic weapon, press E. To reload your gun you need to locate the weapon on the map and pick it up once more. Take care of your health!

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