Welcome to the risky and ancient world of Explore the pyramid of terror to take on skull-based baddies and other players as well maze-based obstacles that can be fought in a variety of ways. This is an online multiplayer game that is free and accessible in real-time. It is similar to the 8-bit strategy video game Bomberman. There are two modes to play in One is that you can join anytime and compete against other players from all over the world. The arena will be bigger and more competitive in the free for all (FFA). You can also create your own private space with up to ten players and foes in a one-on-1 battle. This is a game where strategic thinking is essential. You’ll have to compete against online players who are determined to win. Do you have the skills and strategic plan to beat the world? Show this.


Free for everyone

Private Rooms for up to 10 People

How to play:

keyboard: use Arrow keys (or W-A-S-D) to move, or use SPACEBAR to launch bombs

mouse – Click and hold the left button to move and then press and hold the right-click to explode bombs.

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