Masked Forces Crazy Mode

Masked Forces Crazy Mode, another title in the acclaimed Masked Forces series of first-person shooters, is also available. This episode includes games that are single-player or multi-player. Singleplayer lets you take on an array of challenging missions and test your shooting skills against AI controlled enemies.

You can also play multiplayer games if you like to battle other players. You can also play team deathmatch games and try to get as many kills as you can. You can play with a broad variety of guns, including machine guns and shotguns. You will be amazed at the graphics and will have lots of fun with new game modes.

Release Date

May 2018,


FreezeNova developed Masked Forces Crazy Mode.


  • Masked Forces is the most recent episode of the popular 3D First-person Shooter video game.

  • Fun PvP gameplay

  • To complete single-player missions, you’ll need to take on a challenge

  • 9 maps to enjoy

  • 3 game modes

  • New features boost speed, jump and armor.

  • You can make your own character by using various weapons and armor


This game is only for web browsers.

Also known as

Masked Forces Unlimited is another name. The entire version is available on Bunblocked Games.


  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move

  • Click left for

  • Click the appropriate button to reach your goal

  • R to load and reload

  • Use the mouse wheel to cycle through the weapons

  • F-pick weapon

  • Click on Tab To Open the Menu

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