is a dungeon crawling and retro graphics game is a tribute to the Diablo series.


  • Left click to move or attack enemies
  • (Inventory). Right click to eat the potion
  • (Inventory). Right click to switch items
  • (Trade) (Trade) Right click on the item you want to purchase or sell

Play Mazmorra:

The Castle is where you start your game. It’s an ideal place to get together with your friends, recharge your HP, and sell or purchase items.

Crawl through dungeons, looking for entrances to the next levels.

To progress take on monsters and kill them to earn experience points and advance to the next level.

Find and open chests to gain amazing and rare equipment.

Gameplay/ HINTS

Start the game by selecting your character’s skin and the primary attribute of it. The amount of damage your hero suffers is determined by the primary attribute.

The primary damage aspect will be affected by the weapon you use.

  • Weapons with Strength Melee
  • Crossbows and bows are a source of agility
  • Staffs: intelligence

Find the best items for your character and then take on the bosses!

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