MineStrike.fun is a fun Minecraft game, is now available.

Cakes or cookies as well as cooked fish if you’re small. Avoid eating potatoes that are poisonous, because it could reduce your enjoyment and make you smaller.

You stand a better chance to survive if you fight smaller foes.

You can protect yourself against big enemies to ensure that they do not strike you with their powerful weapon or you can offer your knowledge to the adversaries. You won’t be able to run for long periods of time due to your endurance diminishes when you run.

The game is limited to 15 levels.

1. Steve with a wooden knife

2. A bee and a sunflower

3. A stick of pumpkin

4. Fishing with a fishing rod

5. Ocelot with an Sword of Stone

6. A pickaxe made from stone for the pig.

7. Zombies using an iron shovel

8. Skeleton with bone

9. Creeper with an Iron Pickaxe

10. Man who was drowned with a trowel

11. Enderman with diamond knife

12. Zombie Pigman sporting an gold sword

13. Blaze with a rod for a blazer

14. Witch is equipped with an Enchanted Diamond blade

15. Herobrine nanosable

Are you able to reach level 15 and becoming the most powerful and most powerful player?

Tips: Players who disable ad blocking will gain an additional 20% of experience

An effective strategy for attacking is to attack your opponent from the left side, so that the opponent is to your right. Then, strike immediately!


Take on the left mouse button

Accelerate – Right mouse button

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