Mope is a survival/foraging game that takes place in a vivid 2D world. You start as a mouse, and your goal is to get higher up the food chain by eating berries in order to increase your points. Your aim is to survive. You must move up the food chain, while being safe from predators.

How to play

As you can see, you start at the bottom of the food chain as an animal. You earn xp every time you eat berries and can transform into other creatures. Friendly players/objects are marked with an orange border. This highlights the objects. Risky players will be identified with an orange border. Although eating berries is the best way to move up the food chain, it is vital to keep your water meter in good shape by eating the blue blobs that form around water points. (Bigger blue blobs). Water is consumed slowly when you move or more strongly while sprinting.


The character’s movements are controlled by your mouse movements. If they are larger than your character, certain objects may hinder or prevent you from moving. When you first appear in the game, you aren’t allowed to be able to eat or move around the mushrooms. You can sprint through the game by pressing the spacebar, or the spacebar. However, it will consume water.

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