Oceanar.io is an online game that is free for all. It’s a chance to catch the biggest fish in the ocean! You start out as a single fisherman, and then you consume food to build an army of fish to take over the ocean. It’s easy, yet addictive! You can take on an army of your adversaries with own or take on one of the jellyfish which was once killed.

How do you play?

Similar to other io games It starts with something insignificant and weak. To increase your survival chances you should eat the food floating around. To defend yourself, you’ll need to build a small force of fish. Avoid large groups of fish, since the bigger numbers of fish will prevail in this game. To earn a sweet reward start by setting up a small number of fish called soldier , and then you can fight against a jellyfish. You can boost your score and show off your superiority by forming a larger team.


You can control your fish by using the mouse. Left click is used to attack and right click to merge smaller fish into larger ones. You must be aware If there are more than one fish that are following you the attack button will be used to stop them.

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