2 2 is an io-game that requires you have to conquer all terrain with your preferred shape and color. You will be given a shape to choose from and a colour to match. You can select the areas you wish to conquer and what areas you would like to control. In 2 you will be playing against an arena of players who share the same goal to take on as much territory as possible without being defeated! To be a successful player in the arena, you will need to navigate your movement to avoid loops. The larger your blob gets, the more you’ll want increase your power by encroaching on the territory of other players! As they move across the map, you can either spill your color onto their territory, or cut them down in silhouette. Be careful! The more powerful you grow and the more specialized you’ll be. The person on the leaderboard with the best score will be awarded a crown and a ring on their back. In fact, the head is very heavy.

Instructions for 2 Instructions for 2: How to Play

Press the left mouse button and use your mouse to drag a line, loop or circle that is aligned with your starting point. The area will be filled by the game using the color you select. Continue to do this until you have gained the majority of the board. Beware! Be aware that other artists might be able to make use of your designs. If you cross your line when painting, they can take your work away. You’ll be the ultimate pastelist of papers when you paint the town in pastel.

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