PLAYSQUIDGAME.FUN, an iogame, is completely free. Wow, here’s an Squids-themed video game that doesn’t feature any Squids. Crazy? Yes it is. But, we are used to this kind of thing in casual gaming. It’s not just one game. There are many mini-games that you can play to win. simple Multiplayer Squid Game-themed game. Certain games are based on Skill and some are made up of Luck. This unique 5-in-1 game has no equal. There are five game modes to pick from. Let’s look at the game modes.


Gameplay is simple. Only sing when the doll sings. If the doll stops singing, you must stop moving it. Keep your eye on the Timer. Be sure to finish before the Timer goes to zero.

Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD


Fun and thrilling Game Mode. You must live for 30 seconds following Cannon Strike. Cannons aim their guns at the nearest target and shoot. Just Dodge & Survive

Controls – Arrow Keys or WASD


This mode is based on dice. It includes three sub-modes.

1. SCORE CHASE: You are able to choose the score you’d like to attain. To accelerate the process, you can set a higher score. You can speed up the game by using the Settings Menu. You & Your Opponent will have equal chances. To win, toss the dice, and you will get the Target score first.

2. TWO PLAYER MODE: Same as Score Chase Mode. You can play with another player on one computer. You can assign a name and skin to Player#2.

3. KNOCKOUT MODE : You compete against 3 opponents. This is an Free For All game. Each player gets 10 tosses. Score More to Win

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