Pop It Master

Pop it Master is an internet puzzle game. Pop It Master is an online puzzle that uses the Pop It fidget toys.

The aim of this game is to force the popits to release. This will open a bright toy. Make sure to make certain that you pop all bubbles! Don’t forget anything! If you own all 80 fidget toys, you are able to access the Secret Mode. Pop It Master provides a fun digital pop experience. Pop It Master offers calming real-life sound effects.

How do you accomplish it?

Pop-up Tap and Left Mouse Klick

About Pop It Master’s creatorsRad brothers. This is their first game!

What are you playing? Pop It Fidget Games

Play with a buddy, or with a different person.

To determine who was the first to be identified, you can use a rock, paper or scissors

Each player can pick one row and can pop as many balloons they would like (in the row they select). You can pop a balloon with your mouse or touchscreen.

The next player gets to pick any row that is free of bubbles. They can then pop as many as they want.

Each player will play until the last bubble pops. The round will end when the winner is decided. Don’t get discouraged. Reverse the board and you’ll be able to restart. The player who has won three consecutive rounds is the winner.

Advanced versions of the game offer similar gameplay, but players are limited to popping bubbles in rows that are directly adjacent to one another, without bubbles in between. Pop as many bubbles you can. Keep the track of your best time and challenge your peers to beat it. Pop It is a fidgetboard which lets you relax. Pop bubbles in any order that you like. It should be as easy as it is to be relaxed.

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