At the time of the internet’s creation at the time, no one knew what the future would bring. While some predictions were true however, technology took a different path. Memes were introduced unexpectedly and changed everything. Memes don’t require gigabytes of data when you can simply stare at cute animals for hours. Popcat was born from that.

Pop Cat was born out of some low-resolution images and quickly became a global gaming phenomenon. It’s simple.

When you click on a cat, it causes it to make a pop sound. This causes it to open its mouth for a short time. Each click adds points to the score of the user’s country of birth. This simple concept generated lots of attention. Gamers from all kinds of backgrounds are hitting the mashin’ button in order to pay tribute to their nation. What is it that makes this game so popular and who will be the winner? Continue reading to learn more.

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